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"This book is well-thought-out and designed for efficiency. Liz has done a thorough job of summarizing how she hiked all the trails. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an absolute gem--but I have long thought it difficult to get to a lot of the trails without camping overnight. She clearly states how this can be done--and even though some of the loops are very long (some are 20-25 miles), she gives you what you need to accomplish the feat if you can physically go that far and are well-prepared. The colored-coded trail maps and the checklist of trails in the back are extremely helpful as is her information regarding shuttle services and her general introductory remarks." Amazon customer


"I bought this book hoping that it would help me complete my new goal of hiking all the trails in the smokies. It is very detailed and sectioned to help you get many trails done without repeating so many trails. Excellent book! I would certianly recommend it even if you just want a good trail map book." Amazon customer


"At first glance you can see that this hiking guide is not like other Smoky Mountain National Park Hiking Guide books. Wire bound, pretty color photography throughout the guide, beautiful detailed color maps and color enhanced tables are what you first notice. Beautifully written descriptions, attention to detail and impeccable research is what keeps you coming back to the book again and again". Your Smokies.com website

"Another book I like quite a bit is Day Hiker's Guide To All The Trails In The Smoky Mountains by Elizabeth Etnier, with graphics by Michael Etnier. Now there are dozens and dozens of hiking guides for the Great Smokies, but this is one of the very few written by a local. It doesn't fit the mold of the cookie-cutter "go here, hike two miles, turn at the stump" sort of guide book that the big publishers put out. In this deal, the Etniers lay out 75 day hikes that make for a checklist of every maintained trail in the Smokies...every mile is covered if you follow their lead. Even if you just use it as a reference to find and contact one of the porter services that will pick you up at the other end of a day hike -- and you know you won't find them online -- it's worth ten times more than what you'll pay for it." Slackpacker.com website


This from a runner:


Got the book today, and I must say that I am very impressed! Before I even opened it, I saw that Ken Wise wrote the foreword, and I knew it would be good! His guide has been my Smokies "bible" for over a decade. I spent the last couple hours poring over the pages of your book, and it's exactly what I need. I'll be chaining some together to try to keep my runs at 15-25 miles, but some of the shorter ones will make good after work decompression runs! I'll be sure to share information about your book with others since you've compiled an amazing resource.


Thanks again,

-Ben King



Your book is wonderfully laid-out and written......... I do appreciate your Passion and Love of a Very Special Place in my Heart Gary P., September 2020, referring to updated 4th edition.