Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park





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Mike Etnier


Spring Wildflower Hikes in the Smokies


Gregory Bald




Schoolhouse Gap


Chestnut Top


Defeat Ridge


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Fourth Edition


Revisions to the 4th Edition include:


Addition of several new trails in the Cosby, Smokemont, and Deep Creek Areas.


Total elevation gain given for each hike.


A rating of hike difficulty based on total elevation gain and distance of the hike, using an Energy Mile Equivalent calculation (click on link to read about methodology, and find a table listing all hikes in this book ranked from easiest to hardest).


Addition of a new family-oriented hikes section that lists 26 hikes that are less than 10 miles, and have a maximum elevation gain of 200 ft/mile. Hikes are coded for water features, presence of historic structures or cemeteries, and suitability of hike for small children.


Updated tables and text.



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